Leading Danish Health Care Distributor with growth potential

The company holds a strong position within the health care industry as a supplier of storage solutions, couches, chairs, tables, and trolleys, to the danish health care market. A solid company with many years of constant growth of products and financial results.
Representing market leading brands and suppliers the company has got a competitive and high-quality product portfolio, which together with a skilled team of sales and product specialists working with a value-added sales approach, forms the successful basis of the company. The company has a large and untapped business potential in several large segments in the Danish health care market that combined with the planned massive public investments in the danish health care segment represents a very extensive growth potential.

Referencenummer: VBS0756

Geografi: Region Sjælland

Hovedbranche: Engroshandel og detailhandel

Underbranche: Engroshandel med læge- og hospitalsartikler


Mægler: Troels Mathiesen

Telefon: +45 51 22 71 62

E-mail: troels.mathiesen@m-plus-a.com

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